Interested in what selling looks like with Elissa?

Excellence starts with you

In these initial meeting(s) we start with getting to know you and your property. Through asking the right questions and having a deep understanding of the West Auckland property market, we we are able to come up with a tailored and ultimately successful campaign.

We plan for success

We’ll come back to you with an appraised market value for your property backed by a fully tailored sales strategy. When we say fully tailored, we mean it. The mix of digital and traditional marketing channels we use depends completely on your property, budget and goals.

Partnered with the right people

Beyond our database of buyers, we’ve also established a strong network of staging, photography, legal and building compliance service providers for a more stress-free & successful sales experience for you and your family.

Execute, measure and adapt together

Knowledge is power in your sales process. Detailed interest demographics alongside digital marketing metrics allow us to decide whether or not we need to adapt or double down to get the best outcome for you and your family.

Review and negotiate

As we track along, we'll keep you in the loop by relaying buyer feedback and consult with you on any improvements we believe could be made to our sales strategy. After this, we’ll negotiate to make sure our goals are met or surpassed.

SOLD! Congratulations.

This calls for a celebration! This is our favourite part of the journey and one filled with joy, hugs, high-fives to kickstart your new life chapter!

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